Please CONTACT ONLY ONE OFFICE below to avoid delays. You have two options:

Opt 1. Email: Send a scanned copy of your document to one of our offices via email. We will reply with the quote and time ASAP. The original documents aren't needed for certified translation and foreign credential evaluation. Phone call is not necessary.
Opt 2. Visit our office with your document. You don't need an appointment.

Miami Office - HQ

Phone: +1 786 250 3999/+1 786 206 3184
Toll Free Number from China: 950 4037 9459
Fax: 954 644 7787
Address: 15321 S Dixie Hwy, #302, Palmetto Bay, FL 33157
Business Hours: Mon. – Fri. 9:00am - 5:30pm EST

Boston Office - HQ in North USA

Phone: +1 781 605 1970 / +1 781 712 0258
Toll Free Number from China: 950 4037 6798
Wechat: Certified Translation and Notarization:jennifertjchang
    Chinese Consulate Certification and Visa: liping7991
    Education Consulting:AET_BOSTON

Address: 6 Pleasant Street, #418, Malden, MA 02148
Business Hours: Mon. – Fri. 9:00am - 5:30pm EST
Sat. 9:30am – 12:30pm EST

>>More information about Boston Office

San Francisco Office - HQ in California

Phone: +1 415 868 4892
Toll Free Number from China: 950 4042 3692
Address: 1001 Bayhill Drive, #226, San Bruno, CA 94066
Business Hours: Mon. – Fri. 9:00am - 5:30pm PST

Los Angeles Office – California Branch

Phone: +1 9499547996
Toll Free Number from China: 950 40415989
Address: 19800 MacArthur Blvd Ste 420, Irvine CA 92612
Business Hours: Mon. – Fri. 9:00am - 5:30pm PST

Beijing Office - HQ in China

Phone: 010 65913558
QQ: 3135192546
Address: Tianshuiyuan Business Center, Building A, Ste 106, No. 2 Tianshuiyuan East, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Other Contact (No certified translation/credential evaluation)

NYC Contact

Phone: +1 718 521 6708

Taiyuan Contact

Phone: 0351 2815866
Cell: 18734590999

Full Time Positions

Marketing Specialist (Miami Office, FL/ Boston Office, MA)

Job Description:
1) Devise metrics and collection means to gather market data for the company's primary business areas including, data on the company itself and the industry in which it operates;
2)Use database and spreadsheet software to analyze market data;
3)Conduct research on potential foreign markets for our established client companies that seek international trade or want to expand their operation to international markets;
4) Gather information on other players in the client's market or related industries;
5)Based on gathered information, provide feedback on marketing and strategies, including recommending and contacting business partners and the suitability of potential foreign markets;
6)Gather information on consumer behavior using online tools, such as online traffic tracking programs;
7) Develop key metrics for measuring various marketing plans' effectiveness based on factors such as cost, revenue, referral level, client conversion rate, etc.;
8)Monitor and analyze competitor's marketing plans, prices, and operations;
9)Evaluate the efficiency of different marketing approaches; supervise and monitor various marketing research assignments;
9)Prepare monthly reports and present results and updates; recommend actions to the management team. Minimum Requirements:
Bachelor's degree in media, marketing, communications, or other closely related majors.

To apply:
Email your resume and cover letter to (Miami Office)/ (Boston Office)

Training and Development Specialist (Miami Office, FL)

Job Description:
1) Plan and organize training and development programs for visiting physicians and exchanged medical students from China (in J1, M1, or B2 status) to improve individual and organizational performance.
2) Responsible for recruiting trainees for various short-term training programs, particularly the 1 to 3 month training program for physicians from China to the USA.
3) Plan and organize medical education and clinical training for Chinese Physicians in the U.S.
4) Plan and organize US Clinicians' teaching, seminar and presentation trips to China.
5) Organize marketing campaigns to promote our training and exchange program among major Chinese research hospitals and medical schools.
6) Promote our value added Research Paper Translation and Consulting Services to potential Chinese doctors and medical scholars.
7) Research on China medical equipment industry's prevailing practices as well as market trends and new developments in order to drive growth & implement the most innovative strategies, programs, tools and tactics to gain competitive edge for our physician training and medical student exchange programs.
8) Provide statistical analyses and deliver research findings to the Management regarding the popularity, demand, and needs for certain medical training related services by distributing mass surveys and overseeing specific projects.
9) Research legal and industrial regulations in order to ensure company's compliance with laws in both China and US markets.

Minimum Requirements:
1) Bachelor's degree in Clinical Medicine or other medical science majors. Equivalent foreign degree acceptable.
2) Two-year experience in medical product sales and related market consulting.
3) Track record of success in business consulting and medical product sales.
4) Familiar with China's drug market, medical equipment industry and doctor/hospital operation and practices.
5) Strong networking skills, excellent communication and persuasion skills.
6) Highly-motivated team member with ability to handle multi-tasks within deadlines.

To Apply:
Email your reusme and cover letter to

Translator/ Translator Coordinator (Boston, MA)

Translator Job Duties:
1) Translate between English and Chinese, Spanish or French;
2) Translates a variety of documents including literary, legal, research, technical, scientific, educational, and commercial materials;
3) Consults with subject matter experts and other colleagues in order to understand specialized concepts and translate them appropriately;
4) Follows up with clients to ensure satisfaction and understanding;
5) Check translations of technical terms and terminology to ensure that they are accurate and remain consistent throughout translated documents;
6) Work together with Foreign Credential Evaluator to analyze and translate foreign educational credential documents such as academic transcripts, degrees, professional certificates and resumes into equivalent U.S. credentials;
7) Compile terminology and information to be used in translation of education-related documents, including technical and scientific terms;

Translator Coordinator Job Duties:
1) Support planning and coordination of a translation/ interpretation activities;
2) Ensure implementation of policies and practice;
3) Manage communications between client and translator;
4) Help build positive relations within the team and external parties;
5) Schedule and organize meetings/events and maintain agenda;
6) Ensure technology is used correctly for all operations (video conferencing, presentations etc.);
7) Prepare paperwork and order material;
8) Support growth and marketing development;

Minimum Requirements:
1) Bachelor's Degree
2) Speak, read, and write proficiently in at least two languages, including English and one or more others;
3) May specialize in a particular industry, such as medicine, the arts, business, or finance, technology;
4) Strong writing and oral communication skills;
5) Advanced computer skills, including excel and word processing;

To Apply:
Please Email your resume and cover letter to

J1 International Intern (Miami Office, FL or Boston Offce, MA)

We are now looking for International Intern to work with our big family. It is an unpaid internship position but we will offer you with a nice room to live and some other possible reimbursement. AET will also assist in the costly J1 approval procedure including DS2019 that can be applied to either work-travel or international intern programs. The location can be in Boston or Miami or both.

Job Description:
Daily work includes but not limited to translation, clerical or marketing works. Excellent English written and oral communication skills are required and mastery of 3 or 4 foreign languages is a plus. Understanding Chinese will be helpful but not a must. We are expecting active, easy-going and high team work spirit people to join us.

To Apply:
Email your reusme and cover letter to

Part Time Positions

Host Family

Owing to huge expansion and a need for high quality families who can host overseas students in their homes, The American Education and Translation Service (AET) is seeking families, single parents, retired couples, and singles in Atlanta, Boston and Miami. These international students are mainly from China, who are from 15 to 18 years old.

Families must be open to other cultures and interested in the well-being of students. Hosting international students is an excellent way to build bridges in communication, understanding, and mutual respect with people from various ethnic backgrounds.

Families will be interviewed and screened carefully. Also, a home visit is done by AET to ensure that students will be comfortable in their surroundings. In addition, students are matched up with families based on the information provided by the students and host families. While rent is not provided, AET will make effort to reimburse costs for food, gas, utilities, etc.

Please email us at or call us with your interest and include your jobs, address, and family situation. We will reply to you soon!

English/Chinese Translator

Job Description:
Translate and edit documents such as academic papers, legal documents, medical records, personal statement, commercial documents, etc. If you want to apply for this position, please send your resume to and complete Online Application.

English/Chinese Interpreter

Job Description:
Escort interpreting in the field of medicine, science and technology, exhibition, commercial conference, visit school and so on.

Requirements for Intermediate Interpreter:
Excellent spoken English, proper English pronunciation, preferably a background in English studies.

Requirements for Senior Interpreter:
Abundant interpretation experience, or related background and work experience in fields like medicine, chemistry, electronics, commerce, finance, science and technology, law, etc.

If you want to apply for this position, please send your resume to and complete Online Application.

Senior Expert in Medical Development and Training (Miami Office)

Familiarity with the Chinese and American medical systems, and market for Chinese and American medicine and medical equipment;
At least has a bachelor's degree in clinical medicine or other related fields;
More than two years' experience in medical products sales, marketing or consultation; excellent communication skills; good teamwork spirit.

To Apply:
Please email your resume and cover letter to

District Director

Job Description:
Contact and hire local part-time employees, conduct and expand local business in the field of studying aboard, home-stay, commerce, and interpretation and so on.

Minimum Requirements:
1)Local resident, strong networking skills, legal status in the U.S
2)Strong interests in expanding the education market
3)Highly comprehensive quality, responsible and reliable
4) Prior experience in business and management

To Apply:
Please email your resume and cover letter to