Following price table is for documents that are in langauges other than Chinese. Chinese customers should refer to our Chinese price table.

Documents Estimated Price Processing Time
Degree Certificates $70 5 business days
Transcript $80 - $160 7 business days
Birth Certificate $70 5 business days
Marriage/Divorce Certificate $80 5 business days
Driver's License $65 5 business days
Extra Paper Copy $20/copy Same as certified translation
PDF Copy $20 Same as certified translation
Other documents Depends on actual documents NA
If your documents only need to be translated, please take a look at translation service.

NOTES: Above listed price is estimated and only for information purpose. AET can only give an exact quote after seeing the actual document. Feel free to call or email our Miami Office or Boston Office for more information.


Service Price Processing Time

Foreign Credential Evaluation Report (document-by-document)
$80 7 business days
$120 3 business days
$180 24 hour
$240 same day service

Course-by-Course Evaluation (including GPA)
$180 8 business days
$210 5 business days
$280 3 business days
$350 24 hour

Professional Experience Evaluation
$400 10 business days
$600 5 business days
$800 3 business days

Position Evaluation
$300 10 business days
$400 5 business days
$500 3 business days
$600 2 business days

NOTES: To get the same day evaluation service, payment and documents must be submitted by 1:00pm EST.

INTERPRETATION (Chinese and English)

Service Price Often Used For

individual clients: $50-80/h and transportation fees Green card or immigration interviews, court, exhibition, business negotiation, school tour, etc. Discount prices are applied for services of 8 or more hours.
business clients: $80-250/h and transportation fees

(shared by two interpreters) and transportation fees

Conference and lectures. Minimum charge is 3 hours.
Telephone $80-120/h Minimum charge is 0.5 hour.

NOTES: The above listed price is for interpretation between Chinese and English. We may also cover German, Russian, Georgian and Ukrainian. Please contact Miami Office for more information.


Service Price Notes

Chinese to English: $0.1-0.4/Chinese word
We can also do Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, German, French, Spanish and Georgian, etc.
English to Chinese: $0.12-0.4/English word

Technical: $75-100/page Customers with orders 10 pages or longer can enjoy a discounted rate.
Non technical : $35-75 /page
Writing (in English) $0.5-1.2/word Outline and basic contents should be provided by clients.


Domestic Shipping time Fee Tracking No.
USPS First-Class Mail 5-7 business days $5 No
USPS Priority Mail 2-5 business days $13 Yes
USPS Express Mail 1-2 business days $27 Yes
International Shipping time Fee Tracking No.
USPS First-Class Mail 10-15 business days $10 No
USPS Express Mail 3-5 business days $66 Yes
FedEx Priority Mail 1-3 business days $88 Yes

NOTES: For Domestic shipping, if your chosen shipping option has tracking number provided by USPS, AET will send a second copy of the translation document with NO charges if the package was lost. For International shipping, AET will charge shipping fee again if the package was lost. Thanks for your understanding.

All the above price table is for information purpose. AET has the right to explain and adjust price. Prices may also vary in different AET offices.