Our professional editing and proofreading services focus on editing resumes, reference and petition letters, and various cover letters, especially those submitted to CIS offices and overseas consular offices. Please note that our services are strictly limited to polishing the grammar and presentation of an original document.

Our writing counselors include both U.S. professors with doctoral degrees obtained from prestigious U.S. universities and native U.S. nationals specializing in Creative Writing or Screenplays.


To illustrate the nature or extent of a professional editing, we have attached two short sample sentences and two sample letters below:

Before: A good 44 years old rich guy with good job and lots of cash equivalent look for a beautiful and gentle wife. Please do not be over 30.

After: A considerate gentleman in his early 40’s with high net-worth and a well-established career is sincerely seeking a lady with an elegant appearance and tender disposition for a life-long relationship. Ideally, she should be under 30 years of age.

Before: Not to be raped by richness and nobility, not to be moved by poverty and low social status, and not to be conquered by power and force, that is called a "great husband".

After: What qualifies someone to be a great man? That is a man who is not corrupted by wealth and upper crust, not to be unhinged by poverty and destitution, and not to be daunted by intimidation or coercion.


If you need editing/proofreading service, please contact Miami Office or Boston Office for more information.